Due to the many requests, order processing times are 24/48 hours.
Please note that the delivery forecast is always within 2-3 working days in EU, USA and UK from the moment of delivery to the courier (being a forecast it could even arrive a few days before the indicated date, this timeframe does not include holidays, Saturdays and Sundays )
We would like to point out, out of company seriousness, that no courier in the world allows inspection of the contents of the shipment before payment, due to the provisions of the couriers themselves and not due to our decisions.

Luxury and elegance

Wearing our watch exudes a sense of refined elegance. Its sleek design and impeccable craftsmanship elevate any attire, whether formal or casual. With each glance at its intricate details and luxurious materials, you embody sophistication and timeless style

Porto Cervo

Sanna Watches embodies timeless elegance. With refined design and precision Swiss movement, it's an emblem of luxury watchmaking art. A perfect blend of style and functionality, it represents the pinnacle of modern horology.